A DAF MultiSupport repair and maintenance contract gives you maximum security at a fixed price per kilometre. You decide yourself the level of service, with the possibility to extend to trailer equipment and/or construction. So you are always assured of a perfectly maintained fleet and maximum vehicle availability. And just as important, you can concentrate on your core business. Finally, the DAF dealer takes maintenance planning and administration off your hands!

DAF MultiSupport packages

The DAF MultiSupport program offers a comprehensive range of standard and optional servicing. You decide yourself the level of service, with the possibility to extend to trailer equipment and/or construction. With DAF MultiSupport Services you can select one of the following five pre-defined services packages:

DAF MultiSupport Warranty Plus - Driveline

Takes care of all warrantable repairs on the vehicle‘s driveline for a fixed price paid up front.

With all new DAF vehicles, cost effective DAF MultiSupport Warranty Plus - Driveline is available for up to 3 years, for repairs on the vehicle’s driveline.
The repairs are managed by DAF.High quality repairs for a limited period with associated UK breakdown coverage.

DAF MultiSupport Compliance

Takes care of the protection of a customers “O” license by providing all the necessary legal and maintenance requirements

You are not only assured of high quality preventative maintenance helping to improve vehicle availability but also the collation of all the vehicle documents through DAF’s exceptional online system DAFcheck. This ensures full Vosa compliance and the protection of your “O” license.

DAF MultiSupport Warranty Plus - Vehicle

Takes care of all warrantable repairs on the vehicle for a fixed price paid up front.

With all new DAF vehicles, cost effective DAF MultiSupport Warranty Plus - Vehicle, is available for up to 3 years, for repairs on the vehicle. The repairs are managed by DAF.
High quality repairs for a limited period with associated UK breakdown coverage.

DAF MultiSupport Full R&M

Takes care of comprehensive preventative maintenance, necessary repairs on the complete vehicle including wear, breakdown support, legal inspections, and additional optional products.

DAF MultiSupport Full R&M is much more than just the DAF vehicles Repair and Maintenance. It can include solutions for all service related aspects of your vehicle, including items such as tyres, tail-lifts, cranes etc. It provides a complete vehicle Repair and Maintenance solution helping to ensure accurate budgeting and cost control.

DAF MultiSupport Fleet Services

In addition to the DAF MultiSupport Full R&M, this package provides custom managed solutions to help remove the administration around your vehicles whilst utilising DAF’s expertise to improve vehicle availability and minimise vehicle costs not attributable to a R&M contract.

This is the perfect package for operators who want to focus on their core business. With KPI reports, engineering reviews, analysis on non-contract claims and continued focus on vehicle uptime, there are a number of options that can be selected to get the right fleet service package for you.

The ultimate package that enables you to focus on your core business


Our DAF MultiSupport Warranty Plus packages - available up to 3 years - can perfectly be combined with the DAF MultiSupport Care packages which are available for up to 8 years. With this setup a tailor made service solution is available for almost any vehicle application and usage


 DAF Multi Support Brochure


DAF Multi Support Benefits

More than just repair and maintenance...

In the haulage business, everything is geared to maximise productivity and minimise costs: the highest possible profit per tonne/kilometre. DAF MultiSupport and its Warranty Plus packages are the building blocks of the comprehensive DAF Repair & Maintenance program designed to offer you a tailor made services proposal that maximizes uptime, controls your monthly costs, and provides total peace of mind.

The benefits of DAF MultiSupport:

Full financial control - DAF MultiSupport offers you a fixed, tailor made, and agreed price for your repair and maintenance needs. 
Optimised vehicle performance - at your DAF dealer, well trained mechanics are familiar with every aspect of your truck and only high quality genuine DAF parts are used. Your vehicles will be kept in optimum condition, reducing the risk of a breakdown and the subsequent costly effect of a delay. 
Maximum vehicle uptime     - taking into account your needs, vehicle use, truck configuration and applicable legal inspections, your dealer will create an optimised maintenance schedule that is best suited for the vehicle and for your operation. In case of a breakdown or any other unexpected situation, you can fully rely on DAF ITS.
Flexible offerings - with the flexibility in our DAF MultiSupport Services program and the quality of the organisation behind it, we are able to offer the best solution for every customer.

 DAF Multi Support Brochure

Contracts & Warranties 

MultiSupport Service Contracts enable you to turn variable and unpredictable costs into costs that can be anticipated and planned for. Simply tell us what you want included and we'll work out the price.

The great strength of DAF MultiSupport is that it is focused on maximum vehicle availability. Your DAF dealer will work with you to establish the optimum maintenance schedule for each of your vehicles, according to its application.

Available on all new DAFs, MultiSupport guarantees the highest standard of servicing, repair and maintenance for the working life of your vehicle. And MultiSupport won’t just enable you to get the most from your truck now. The value of having work carried out to authorised DAF standards will also be reflected in enhanced residual values.

DAF’s flexible range of MultiSupport operator services is designed to give you complete peace of mind. Not only can you extend your truck’s warranty for up to five years, our range of servicing, repair and maintenance options can help you control costs, minimise downtime and maximise vehicle availability.

Ultimately, MultiSupport contracts guarantee predictable, inflation protected servicing, repair and maintenance costs for the working life of your vehicle. Below an overview of what MultiSupport’s range of services has to offer:

Service Contracts

  • Fixed price servicing and inspections for up to 7 years
  • Fixed monthly payments for easier budgeting
  • Quality servicing to DAF standards using genuine parts
  • Full compliance with your ‘O’ Licence requirements
  • Increased residual value for your vehicles
  • The flexibility to change with your circumstances
  • Options include: MOT preparation, statutory tachograph calibration, collection and delivery of vehicles, out of hours servicing to suit.

Repair & Maintenance Contracts

  • Complete control of repair and maintenance costs for 2 years extendable up to 7 years
  • All safety & maintenance inspections in compliance with your ‘O’ licence requirements
  • All servicing to DAF standards using Genuine DAF parts
  • Maintenance planning and service records maintained by your servicing dealer
  • All repairs including wear and tear (but excluding accidents and misuse)
  • Steam cleaning prior to all MOT inspections
  • Increased residual value for your fleet
  • Options include : inflation protection, delivery and collection for scheduled servicing, replacement vehicle cover, tachograph recalibration, night and weekend servicing, cab re-waxing to secure 5 year cab corrosion warranty

Extended Warranties

  • DAF’s own extended warranty scheme.
  • Unlimited driveline cover for up to 3 years
  • Faster approvals - all claims are handled directly by DAF
  • The same claims procedure and standard of service across all 120 dealers
  • Complete confidence in your vehicle
  • Peace of mind for operators
  • Protection against unforeseen costs
  • No waiting for assessors to approve claims


Options can include cover for trailers, tyre management, bodywork and ancillary equipment, tail lifts, crane and loading equipment, refrigeration equipment and road fund licence as part of operational lease contracts