Operator reassured by ongoing British assembly

19-02-2016, DAF Trucks UK

With strong growth across both its transport and warehousing operations, Richard Read Transport has opted for DAF trucks to help it meet demand. Seven new factory-bodied LF rigids have gone into action recently and two XF tractors will be joining them shortly.

Speaking from the company’s base in Gloucestershire, Richard Read said, “Since the sad loss last year of my father, who founded the company back in 1946, we have undergone a period of consolidation and rationalisation. This has seen us move into the Pallex pallet network, where we already feel very comfortable, hence the immediate investment in the new DAF rigids. We have also been reviewing the make-up of the general haulage fleet to give us a more settled policy, as well as getting everything we run on this side of the business into the main corporate livery.”

Richard Read Transport has seen its pallet business grow significantly with the move to Pallex, following what Read describes as ‘an unhappy time’ with other, earlier relationships in the sector. Today, the company is routinely delivering around 180 pallets a day into its local post codes, and making a similar number of collections – a 20% year-on-year growth that has also seen new jobs created with the operator. The seven new DAF LFs deployed to this side of the operation include an 8t, 12t and five 18 t vehicles, all acquired through DAF Finance on 5 year deals. All have been specially liveried for the READ/Pallex operation.

On the general haulage side, Richard Read reports steady growth, with rising volumes among existing customers and new contracts also coming on board. The new XF tractors will go straight onto routing long-distance trunking with the operator, who has a busy fleet update programme in train, following a major on-site auction that saw it divest itself of some 150 items, among them four trucks and a number of trailers no longer felt appropriate for the growing work-load. 

Read again, “We have a very modern fleet now and we will add to that as we and when we decide on the right vehicles for the job. Our relationship with DAF products began with a used 2010 XF tractor unit we bought and put on day/night trunking operations. From that initial vehicle, and now with the recent rigid DAF experience, I have been impressed by both the fuel and AdBlue economy I have been getting, as well as the support from the local dealership, Imperial Commercials, who have looked after us very well. Importantly too, our drivers and in-house technicians have all taken a liking to the new DAFs.

“It was also very re-assuring to be able to go along, at DAF’s invitation, and see the trucks being assembled in this country – I even took along a couple of Pallex directors for a look around the Leyland Trucks assembly plant. When my father started this business, like so many other quality hauliers, he supported the ERF brand for many years, not least because of its British-build profile. We no longer have British owned truck companies, of course, but at least with DAF we do still have an assembly programme in this country.”

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