DAF tackles 100,000 tonnes of waste in Fife

01-03-2011, Drummond Motor Co Ltd

In a highly intensive operation, Fife Council is using four DAF CF85s pulling high-capacity BMI ejector trailers to move around 100,000 tonnes of recycling and compost to disposal facilities.

The seven day a week operation requires a team of drivers working a four on, four off system.

The DAFs are FTT models to a specification that reflects the demanding nature of an operation in which there is some off-road running and a need to overcome wind resistance to the high-sided trailers.

With exposed parts of the route prone to strong winds the council specified the highest rating of 510 bhp (375 kW) at which the DAF MX engine is available in the CF85. When at their full gross weight of 44 tonnes, this gives a power to weight ratio of 11.6 bhp tonne, enough to deal with the wind resistance and help maintain good journey times without compromising on fuel efficiency. Fitting of a full air management kit with side collars, also helps cope with the wind.

At this power rating the 12.9 litre MX engine delivers 2500 Nm of torque between 1000 and 1410 rpm. This ensures a smooth move off from the transfer station when fully laden and assists getting onto and off the landfill site, especially when it’s wet.

That’s also helped by the double-drive configuration of the FTT model, with its pair of hub reduction axles fitted with mechanical cross-axle and inter-axle differential locks. The fitting of super single tyres on the steer axle is also designed to make movement easier on soft ground. And to reduce potential damage when on the landfill site, the trucks are fitted with a vertical exhaust.

Specification of the automated AS-tronic gearbox is aimed at reducing driver fatigue and achieving more consistent fuel consumption. An engine brake is also fitted to reduce braking effort and wear on the service brakes.

Although it will not be used to sleep in, the spacious sleeper cab provides a comfortable working environment with plenty of space for the driver’s personal gear, including his PPE and wet weather clothing.

BMI have supplied five ejector trailers each with a capacity of 100 cubic yards. Two are leak proof closed top trailers suitable for carrying food waste and other materials that have an element of leachate that needs to be contained. These have been acquired with a view to their future use in connection with an anaerobic digestion plant that the council is considering building for the production of bio-methane as a fuel.

The trailers are constructed with flush re-inforced PVC side panels to improve the drag co-efficient and which provide a large space on which the Council can display messages promoting recycling. Each is fitted with a silent pack donkey engine to reduce operating noise levels and both the fuel and oil refill points are at ground level to make daily refuelling and servicing easier and safer.

The DAFs been supplied through Lothian DAF and servicing under a five-year R&M contract will be carried out by us at Drummond Motor Company. The work will be carried out overnight to ensure the availability of the trucks for the daytime runs.

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